Franklin House



Scope of Works: 

Replacement of original (1976) built up DX plant - Thermal Plant Upgrade/BMS replacement. 

Project Background: 

Franklin House is a nine story building in Adelaide CBD district built around 1976. It was air conditioned by an existing built up type Dx- system comprising of two Carrier open type R22 compressors, one Main air handling unit and one Evaporative condenser. Heating is achieved by Hot Water from an existing Gas fired Boiler. The system held approx. 300kgs of R22 refrigerant. 

Late in November 2013, the system had a major failure with a refrigerant leak in the coil of the evaporative condenser. Repairs were made to get the system through the upcoming summer. As a result O'Connors and the building manager spoke about future thermal plant up grades. One suggestion from O'Connors' technician at the time was to look at changing the plant over to chilled water and install chillers and chilled water coils in the existing main air handling unit. O'Connors and the customer then proceeded to discuss the design and engineer the system to run on chilled and heating water. The project was quoted and agreed with the customer as a Design and Construct with O'Connors engineers working through all the necessary area’s to achieve the full plant upgrade.   

The new plant was installed and commissioned by O'Connors and their contract team. It comprises of 2 x new water cooled chillers, 2 x cooling Towers, new chilled/ condenser water pumps and 1 x chilled water storage tank. At the same time, it was decided with the customer to upgrade the old control system with a complete new BMS. Changing all old pneumatic controls to electric drive actuators.   

Project Successes: 

O'Connors were able to constructively collaborate with the customer to ensure the building changes were a major success and aligned with their wishes. 

The new system is now in its fourth year of operation and is meeting all the requirements set out in the first discussion with O'Connors and their customer.

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