In conjunction with our client "The University of Adelaide" O'Connors developed an integration platform "OC ABRIR" to facilitate openness, transparency and drive efficiency's. This platform allows O'Connors to automatically receive an action requests within 5 minutes of being created.

Scope of Works:
Create a system to integrate with the University’s new asset management system allowing the creation, updating and closure of calls and the communication of quotes. 

The O’Connor Difference:
Ensuring our client received the highest level of service using mobility solutions and integrated systems and providing them with the ability to access and manage their assets through our service portability and service systems. 

Project Successes: 
Our service team has the ability to:
- Track the performance and life cycle of customer assets;
- Digitally integrate our Mobile TEC solutions with client systems;
- Offer client’s our communication portal “O’C ABRIR” for access to all site records; and 
- Offer client’s the “O’C si” (service integration), our call centre portal. 

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