'Job Status' Platform

O'Connors provides customer's with the"Your Job Status" (service integration) portal - our integrated service call centre that allows for us to receive, dispatch and respond to service calls via our mobile solutions.

We can direct any calls to the relevant site technician’s iPad or other devices. The process involves sending calls through our Mobiletech link to our ERP software for billing, invoicing, job scheduling and the recording of asset data. 

O'Connors have the ability to digitally integrate our Mobiletech solutions with customer systems to provide a fully blended and informative system. Such as, Archibus and FM interact; each an example of systems implemented by O'Connors in collaboration with customers, to provide an in depth asset database utilising the OC ABRIR platform and ultimately allowing organisations to keep unrestricted record of their assets.

We are constantly reviewing and upgrading our asset maintenance and management systems to deliver our customers with an open meaningful data base, providing organisation of their assets long term.

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