Innovation + Technology

O’Connors is at the forefront of technology within the construction and service industry. We have designed, implemented and continue to create new systems that cater to our customer requirements, with both the present and future in mind.

Our management is constantly reviewing the most basic to the most complex operations in our industry to ensure we remain at the forefront of available technology. O’Connors is strategically committed to the continuous improvement path and empowering technology that can link in with our disciplined processes. We aim to constantly and consistently improve our technology infrastructure to make certain we are continually enhancing: 

  •  The efficiency of our operations
  •  Our processes for solving complex problems
  •  Communication with customers
  •  Relationships
  •  Business culture
  •  Team dynamics
  •  Our evolution 

Latest News

O'Connors - Top 100 South Australian Companies

The list is a demonstration of the top performing companies for the year and celebration of the the state’s leaders and high achievers across sectors, and in a range of categories.

Telstra, Waymouth Street New Data Centre

O'Connors and Broadspectrum have worked closely with Telstra to design & construct cooling to new racks for a Telstra expansion.

O'Connors + BIM-MEP Construction Innovation Forum

BIM-MEP Australia is an offshoot of the AMCA developing national standards, processes and libraries of parts to use in BIM. O’Connors are actively involved in this initiative.

Adelaide Convention Centre - Stage 2 Completion

Our construction and commissioning team successfully completed stage 2; handover to the client was in July and the first events took place in August. The entire project (stage 1+2) is a testament to the whole O'Connors team.