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The team at O'Connors delivered this remote Greenfields project on time, within budget and defect free. 

The Scope of Works:

The HNA EDP Common User Facilities project comprised facilities and supporting infrastructure for RAR 1st Brigade. 

The Facilities comprised a Combined Mess Facility, Health Facility, Physical Fitness Facility and Commercial/Community Facilities, various other infrastructure.

The HVAC system generally comprised a 4 pipe chilled and heating water systems servicing decentralised air handling units. The air handling systems are generally located within plant rooms located in the various architectural/functionality groups. The thermal plant consists of air cooled chillers and gas fired boilers with primary secondary reticulation. The kitchen is served by specialised scrubbing type exhaust canopies incorporating specialised ventilation and filtration systems to suit requirements.

The Health Facility HVAC system includes specialised ventilation and filtration systems to suit individual room requirements. Medical gas systems are provided for patient care throughout the medical facility.

The Physical Fitness centre includes an, indoor squash and basketball courts and Olympic size indoor pool. The HVAC systems consist of local direct expansion fan coil and heat reclaim units and natural and mechanical ventilation systems.

Project Successes: 

O'Connors provided effective Mechanical Services to all site facilities, whilst ensuring the project was completed on time, within budget and defect free. 

Latest News

OCONNORS RAP reaches implementation phase

I’m excited to share with you that we have had our reconciliation action plan (RAP) formally endorses by Reconciliation Australia as a #Reflect RAP.  
 Reconciliation Australia now officially accredits OConnors RAP and recognises us as a member of the RAP network.
We now commence our all-important implementation phase with a commitment to tangible actions, such as increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, participating in external events and raising cultural awareness within our organisation. 
Our RAP is an aligned with our family culture and companies’ core values. It is becoming part of One O’Connors and is supported at all levels of our organisation.  Our vision is that through our actions, we can contribute to our nation’s shared goal of a reconciled, just and equitable Australia. Please find attached a copy of our reconciliation action plan.
I would like to thank all those involved in driving us to this stage, in particular Alberto O’Connor, Mark Liddy, Tammy Giles, Vincent Campagnale, Sarah Gorman, Clare Tippins, Jarrod Varley, Elizabeth O’Connor,  Dylan Cooper and James Tedmanson. 

 Regards, Andrew O'Connor, Managing Director

We Are Open and Monitoring the Spread of COVID-19

O’Connors and the building and construction industry at large, remains open.  

Professionalism and Customer Service

Customer Appreciation - O'Connors Professionalism and Customer Service. 

O'Connors Engineering Grant 2018

Recently, O'Connors selected the 2018 O'Connors Engineering Grant recipient - Princess Mae Castillo.