Internal BIM

O'Connors are enthusiastically involved and embracing the BIM-MEP AUS Industry standard for optimised workflows, sophisticated coordination of all services, to aid in saving on-site time and to add value to a project.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the foundation of digital transformation in the construction industry, and as leaders in BIM, our team can partner with you to achieve better outcomes on any project.

Our drafting team are able to accurately and expertly create a digital 3D model of a scope of works allowing all services to work together and to help save time and add value to a project.

Our BIM (Building Information Modelling) unit is an integral part of our construction team. Whether it is a fully documented or a design build job, we utilise the latest technology to help save time and add value. We have been fully committed to the BIM process for over ten years and our passion is demonstrated by our efforts pushing it throughout the industry via our direct involvement with BIM-MEPAUS and our direct employment of IT professionals. 

We have structured our office to be able to set up a project design hub, supporting an open BIM coordination process. We seek out the opportunities to take a leadership role in BIM implementation on projects.

With national standardised duct modelling being developed in conjunction with other factories around Australia our models are aligned with other fabricators, enabling us to increase our ability to supply quickly and meet unusual demands.

Through BIM-MEPAUS (an industry initiative) and BIM user groups that we drive, we see more content, specifications, fabrication databases and endorsed workflows being developed to improve efficiencies, and are enthusiastically involved in this industry initiative to improve productivity.

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