Service + Maintenance

Our Stated Mission is – be the best mechanical services contractor in South Australia.

Our service unit has grown since 1999 from a warranty and defects liability period department into the largest mechanical services air conditioning service team in South Australia. 

Our team consists of technicians, apprentices, administration staff and account managers across who all have extensive experience and technical knowledge in order to provide the highest level of performance and quality in specialist building services. As their experience is widely acknowledged and shown, we are confident that we can provide you with the services you require - when and as you require them.

We use mobility solutions (utilising mobile devices) and have the ability for asset management through our service portal and service systems. 

Service (Corrective) Works 

Air conditioning service and repairs require qualified and skilled technicians. O’Connors specialises in and, has a department dedicated to the servicing of air conditioning. O’Connors provide professionally managed and highly qualified technical staff to respond to any calls and achieve improved reliability, lower costs and regulatory compliance in commercial, retail and industrial buildings.

O’Connors is committed to exceptional quality and customer service by promoting and ensuring the highest standards in professionalism and responsiveness to all our customers. 

To arrange a service call please call our Service Department. 

Preventive Maintenance - Valuing your assets.

Our scheduled maintenance programs are designed to extend the life of your equipment and operate it at a maximum efficiency. Service or maintenance contracts save you money in the long run and are an investment in the future of your organisation and assets. 

Preventative maintenance customer's receive the following benefits:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance inspections
  • Guaranteed timely performance of maintenance routines
  • Preferential treatment on emergency calls
  • Increased equipment life and reduced service calls
  • Savings on labour and material cost
  • Qualified Air Conditioning and Refrigeration technicians who are familiar with your equipment
  • Budget control for equipment replacement and upgrades
  • Maximum equipment efficiency, which reduces energy consumption
  • Increased occupant comfort, which results in productivity gains, tenant retention and process control

An asset management plan can also include environmental initiatives, such as, carbon footprint mapping and a refrigerant quantity and emissions register. 

The team at O’Connors will work together with all customers to ensure a successful project. 

To discuss or arrange a maintenance program please contact our Service Department. 

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