Osborne South Development Project


O'Connors provided all of the Mechanical Services for the Osborne South shipyards which provides an end-to-end fabrication facility for the creation of Australian ships.

The O'Connors team supplied and installed all of the mechanical services for OSDP including but not limited:

  • Large roof mounted smoke exhaust systems fully prefabricated on hot dipped galvanised skids including perf. metal lined ductwork, up to 2000mm diameter fans, attenuators and hoisted in complete systems.
  • Industrial gas reticulation at high level with prefabricated racking system to low level welding stations & specialized valves for connection by the shipbuilders.
  • The prefabricated pipe racks were loaded with various industrial gases piping and fixed into place using boom and scissor lifts.
  • Hot dipped Galvanised ductwork of heavy gauge construction, capable to withstand very high pressures was used to reticulate welding exhaust systems using extraction systems made and shipped from Denmark.
  • Standard HVAC and VRF systems served the admin areas and large refrigerated Heat reclaim Units conditioned the kitchen & dining hall.

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