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The O’Connors team were able to work in close collaboration with the head contractor, client, design team and quantity surveyor through the value management and modelling phases to deliver an exceptionally high value outcome for the customer.

Scope of Works:

O’Connors was contracted to deliver the full gamut of mechanical services including HVAC, fume cupboards, laboratory gas plant and distribution piping, autoclaves and specialized Animal House equipment.

Project Successes:

The Health Innovation Building will be one of the most advanced research centres in the country, and the O’Connors team have been able to deliver a very complex construction phase in a short space of time through:

  • Collaborative design development: through inclusive engineering and modelling meetings the RFI process was streamlined and time saved.
  • Dedication to true BIM coordination: O’Connors hosted a Design Hub in our head offices in which the modellers from every service trade worked side-by-side in efficiently developing a fully coordinated model prior to start on site.
  • Offsite fabrication of numerous components including of a 14-storey main duct riser, which allowed most of the vertical duct risers in the building to be installed in just three days on site.

Latest News

OCONNORS RAP reaches implementation phase

I’m excited to share with you that we have had our reconciliation action plan (RAP) formally endorses by Reconciliation Australia as a #Reflect RAP.  
 Reconciliation Australia now officially accredits OConnors RAP and recognises us as a member of the RAP network.
We now commence our all-important implementation phase with a commitment to tangible actions, such as increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, participating in external events and raising cultural awareness within our organisation. 
Our RAP is an aligned with our family culture and companies’ core values. It is becoming part of One O’Connors and is supported at all levels of our organisation.  Our vision is that through our actions, we can contribute to our nation’s shared goal of a reconciled, just and equitable Australia. Please find attached a copy of our reconciliation action plan.
I would like to thank all those involved in driving us to this stage, in particular Alberto O’Connor, Mark Liddy, Tammy Giles, Vincent Campagnale, Sarah Gorman, Clare Tippins, Jarrod Varley, Elizabeth O’Connor,  Dylan Cooper and James Tedmanson. 

 Regards, Andrew O'Connor, Managing Director

We Are Open and Monitoring the Spread of COVID-19

O’Connors and the building and construction industry at large, remains open.  

Professionalism and Customer Service

Customer Appreciation - O'Connors Professionalism and Customer Service. 

O'Connors Engineering Grant 2018

Recently, O'Connors selected the 2018 O'Connors Engineering Grant recipient - Princess Mae Castillo.